Apparently, not all chainsaws are created equal.


Apparently, not all chainsaws are created equal.

When it comes to chainsaws, the aesthetic may appear to be similar, although the functions that come with it are extremely varied. This is the reason why you need to be extremely discerning when making your choice.

Before buying a chainsaw, I strongly advise that you consider different factors before making your final purchase. You need to consider the amount you would be willing to spend, the safety features of the unit, and your knowledge and experience in handling a chainsaw. In line with these factors, you should also reflect on how you wish to use it, the surrounding environment where you intend to run it in, and the maintenance requirements of the equipment that you will purchase.

The first factor that you may need to consider when buying a chainsaw is the power source of the unit. The most popular type of chainsaw is the gasoline operated chainsaw as it has been in the market for the longest time and it is also commonly used on farms and forests. The gasoline powered chainsaw is designed to work on heavy-duty cutting and is meant for the more complex cutting tasks as they can cut firewood quicker and efficiently. Therefore, if you are seeking for a unit that is compatible with chainsaw novices and one that is also convenient to use, this might not be the right chainsaw for you. The most common complaint of the users of gas-powered chainsaw is the difficulty of operating it since it is on the heavier side. It also creates louder noises and that makes it less conducive for utilization in a residential setting. It also produces solid vibrations and it can startle a user who is just learning the ropes of operating a chainsaw.

However, if you are looking to purchase a chainsaw as a household tool, the electric chainsaw might be the best unit for you. There are several advantages in purchasing an electric operated chainsaw and we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the following factors below:


Since chainsaws are considered to be an extremely dangerous equipment, it is vital that manufacturers add several safety features to the machinery. Most electric chainsaw models have included an installed safety chain to avoid untoward incidents of kickbacks. Since electric chainsaws are not as powerful as gas operated ones, there is a significant chance that you will avoid any dreadful mishaps if a kickback happens while you are operating the device. You may even consider buying a pair of chainsaw chaps for any debris that may come your way.


The best part of having an electric chainsaw is that it is easier to begin working with it as it simply starts with the press of a simple button. You also do not need to make use of any fuel on this chainsaw as you only need to plug it into an electrical outlet for it to start running. Since an electric chainsaw is not as heavy as the gas operated chainsaw, it is easier for anyone to lift it and commence the light-duty to medium-duty cutting. It is also easier to control and handle a lightweight equipment.


An electric chainsaw is not only cheaper compared to its gas operated counterpart, but spare parts and maintenance is also less costly. Since there is also no need to use fuel for an electric chainsaw, it is economical to operate the unit. There are some awesome chainsaw brands that create electric varieties as well. Storing a gasoline-powered chainsaw can also pile on the cost as you have to remove the oil and the gas in the machine before you can store it, but an electric chainsaw is easier to store and creates no hassle since most electric chainsaw models come with their own storage cases.

The electric chainsaw might appear to be infallible as an equipment, but it also carries certain disadvantages with it, such as:

Need for Electric Cord

In order to operate the electrical chainsaw, you need to be adjacent to an electrical source. This limits your possible work area to a smaller space since you can only bring your electric chainsaw as far as your electric cord brings you. Since you are also relying on your electricity as a power source, blackouts will have an effect on your operation. Nevertheless, you might wish to consider purchasing a battery powered chainsaw if these factors are going to bother you.

Limited to light to medium-duty tasks

The lightweight electrical chainsaw is not engineered to cut through larger pieces of woods. A gasoline operated equipment is still the best choice if you prefer to efficiently cut pieces of wood at a higher speed.

Electric Chainsaw Reviews!

Let’s check out our top 10 list of the best electric chainsaws of 2018:

Best Features: The WORX WG303.1 chainsaw is a corded electric chainsaw with peak power of up to 3 hp that also has a built-in rubber encased rear handle that ensures comfort and protection in your grip. It also has a 16 inch bar and chain with a dry weight of 11 pounds. One of the best features of this chainsaw is that it has an automatic chain lubrication system with an oil level indicator and also an automatic tensioning chain system that diminishes the likelihood of the occurrence of over-tightening. This product also has a 3/8” pitch safety chain brake system which stops the chain within just seconds before sudden contact thus shielding the user in the event of a kickback. This unit is best used around the house, especially for light-duty to medium-duty cutting. It is also relatively cheap considering all the added features of this equipment.

Weakness: There is not enough space between the top handle and the chain brake and this unintentionally result in frequent activation of the safety shutoff function. The WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw is very specific when it comes to the correct extension cord connected to it as a mismatch in the extension cord results in a slower cutting speed and the unit becomes prone to faster heat buildup which can result in reduction of the lifespan of the chainsaw.

Best Features: The Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim is a corded electrical chainsaw that has a 14 inch low-kickback bar and chain with an 8 amp electric motor that makes it easy to use for your limb trimming task and for cutting smaller trees. It is also delivered to the buyer in a fully assembled state which means that you can readily use it once it has arrived on your doorstep. Since this unit has a dry weight of only 6.25 pounds, it is easy to control and maneuver based on your liking. It also comes with a push-button oiler that lets you add the right amount of oil to your engine with an easy-to-view oil reservoir for gauging your oil levels. It also comes with an external chain tension adjuster that allows for easier tensioning and a knob handle for any horizontal cutting. In addition, this unit is also designed with a hand guard for the user’s added safety.

Weakness: There have been several instances of chain oil leaks, but this can easily be fixed when you lay the unit with its chain side down. There can also be difficulties in adjusting the chain tension since it can become too tight or too loose. It only contains basic features, but it is considered to be reasonable since this chainsaw is inexpensive.

Best Features: The OREGON CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chain Saw, an electric operated chainsaw with an 18 inch bar and chain with reduced-kickback, is perfect for several wood cutting tasks that requires quick cutting as it has enough power to cut through firewood and also trimming and felling through small trees, but it can also cut through trees that are 16 inches in diameter. This unit has been designed with convenience in mind as it is lightweight, produces little vibrations, easy to clean, and has an over-mold handle. The key to optimum use of a chainsaw is in having a sharp blade and Oregon has created a technology called PowerSharp chain sharpening system allows for a tool-less chainsaw sharpening. The built-in features of the chainsaw allow for easier maintenance of the unit. Moreover, it also has an automatic electric chain brake that stops the chain as soon as the trigger is released as part of their safety function.

Weakness: There have been comments from other users that complain about the chain easily falling off. However, this might be a user error or an isolated issue since this occurrence has rarely been reported.

Best Features: The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw is an electric corded chainsaw with an 18 inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain and this unit is powered by a 15 Amp motor that is ideal for cutting your tree branches. Among the safety features of this unit is an automatic chain brake system that halts the movement of the chain to avoid dangerous accidents. You will also need to press the trigger button along with the power button for the chainsaw to run and this avoids the sudden launch of the equipment. The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15-Amp Corded Chainsaw also comes with an automatic oiling system and a self-lubricating system. Additionally, this lightweight chainsaw also has a tool-free chain tensioning system that guarantees ease in tightening and replacing chains when needed.

Weakness: The chain is likely to loosen up during your first use and you may have to re-tighten them. The instructions are poorly written and confusing. It has an illustration with all of the text and images crammed up to fit a single page and it ended up causing confusion when trying to assemble the unit.

Best Features: This unit has a 14-inch bar and it is powered by a 9 amp electric motor. The GreenWorks 20222 9 Amp 14-Inch Corded Chainsaw is best for small projects around your yard such as trimming and pruning small trees. This unit is designed with a wrap around handle that maximizes user comfort while working. On one hand, it also comes with a tool-less chain tensioning that ensure that adjusting your chains will be a breeze and an auto-oiler function that guarantee adequate lubrication for a hassle-free cutting performance. You may encounter problems with a loose chain, but it can be easily reinstalled.

Weakness: The GreenWorks 20222 has a problem with the amount of oil that it dispenses. Since the machine dispenses the oil quite copiously, you may be required to check the oil level frequently. Moreover, the cap of bar oil reservoir needs to be lifted up before you can check into the oil level as it will be trickier to check on it without doing this.

Best Features: If you are looking for a compact corded electric chainsaw that is both uncomplicated to use and can also be utilized for different cutting angles, you may check out Remington RM1645 Versa Saw 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw. It has a 16-inch low-kickback bar and chain that is powered by a 12 amp electric motor making it ideal to limb and trim smaller trees. It also has a wraparound hand guard that ensures effortless use on a variety of cutting positions. This unit also comes with an automatic oiling system and an external adjustment screw for tensioning of your chains. Along with the automated oiling system, the Remington RM 1645 Versa Saw also has an oil window that allows for a quick monitoring of the unit’s oil level.

Weakness: There have been several reports that this unit easily breaks. The Remington RM 1645 Versa Saw might be a hit-or-miss product since there were quite a few incidents of faulty units. However, it comes with a two-year limited warranty, although it might be troublesome to continue returning a defective product. This unit also has an issue of severe oil leaks and may not be worth its value.

Best Features: The GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, a battery operated chainsaw with a 16 inch Oregon bar and chain reduced kickback, is best used for light to medium-duty tasks such as to prune, limb, and fell trees. It is also brilliant when you need to clear some debris and also for slicing your firewood. In comparison to an electric corded chainsaw, you can use this as far as your battery will take you without fear of being hindered by the length of an extension cord. The GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX 40V is easy to transport since it is lightweight, but this unit is also balanced and creates less noise and vibrations, hence, it can be conveniently used even by those who are not knowledgeable when it comes to operating chainsaws. This unit also has a tool-less chain adjuster that enables quick tightening or loosening of your chains.

Weakness: The battery life of this unit should be improved, since other users have noted that the battery will not hold a charge when the equipment is in storage. The blade is also narrow for its length and there are instances that it wears out after a few uses.

Best Features: With its lithium-ion battery that stays charged for five times longer than other electrically operated chainsaw of its kind, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V MAX Lithium Ion 10-Inch Chainsaw provides variety in a market that is dominated by gas powered chainsaws. It is a lightweight battery operated chainsaw that comes with a 10 inch Oregon bar and chain reduced kickback and a 20V max lithium battery that ensures a longer run time and longer battery life. Ideal for smaller jobs because of its capacity to create quick but smooth cuts, the chainsaw is simple to control and to balance. This unit also includes a well-needed function when it comes to chainsaws which is the tool-free chain tension system for faster adjustments and tensioning of your chains, along with a chain oiler. The instruction manual also has clearly defined labels and the assembly of the material is relatively simple since you only have to attach the blade.

Weakness: You may have to manually lubricate the chain since there are times when the chain bar oiler button does not pump out the oil. It is meant for light to medium-duty cutting, but there might be moments when the blade does not cut well and may need constant sharpening. Since this might be a less powerful model, cutting may take time and may require a stronger force.

Best Features: If you are looking for a unit that can act as both a chainsaw and a pole saw, the 2-in-1 design of the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger may be right for you. In terms of capacity, it has an 8 amp electric motor and a 10 inch low kickback bar and chain. This unit is also capable of extending from 10 to 15 feet and it is ideal for pruning hanging branches and limb trimming. In addition to that, the pole can easily be detached even without the need for tools and it comes with flip and lock clamps that can safely secure the desired length of the pole. It is also trouble-free to grip since it comes with a nonslip handle that ensures comfort for the user.

Weakness: At almost 12 pounds, the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch Chainsaw may be difficult to lift for some people. There are also reported cases where the unit has begun letting out smoke and eventually stopped working after that.

Best Features: If you are looking to purchase a pole chainsaw, you should consider purchasing one that is not just lightweight, but is also easier to balance. The Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw is best for clearing out any hanging limbs and slicing branches as thick as 7.5 inches. This pole chain is an 8 inch Oregon cutting bar and chain with a pole that expands up to 8.7 feet and with an overhead reach of 15 feet, which saves you the trouble of having to climb up and down a ladder to reach the hanging limbs. The unit includes an automatic chain lubrication system with a window for the oil reservoir and it also comes with a lock that is easy to adjust, to tighten, and to secure.

Weakness: This unit certainly has an issue of oil leaks from the chain oil reservoir. It can also cause concern when it comes to the quick heat buildup since this will weaken the bar and chain faster.



It is important to assess your reasons for purchasing a chainsaw. You have to consider the location where you will use the chainsaw before buying one since you might have to choose a quieter equipment if you plan to work on a residential area. When running an electric chainsaw, you also have to think about the availability of electricity in the place where you will use it. If you intent to use the chainsaw infrequently and for simple household tasks, you can opt to buy an electric powered chainsaw as it will work just fine for lighter tasks. Part of the factors that you may also consider is the type of tree or the size of the wood that you will cut, as an electric chainsaw may not be great for larger and harder trees.

You should also consider the size of the land that you will work on since electrical corded chainsaws only work as far as your extension cord radius. The knowledge of the user should also be a vital factor in making your choice as you would not want to be overwhelmed by the chainsaw that you are using, and it may be unsafe for a novice user to utilize a unit that is lacking in terms of security features.

When buying a chainsaw, there is no single best model that is true for everybody. It will be largely dependent on how, where, when, why, or what you plan to use your chainsaw for.


The measure of power in gas chainsaw (cubic centimeters or cubic inches), electric chainsaw (amperage), and battery powered chainsaw (volts) have different terms, but it is similar in a sense that the larger the number, the more powerful the equipment is. When it comes to engine power, gas operated chainsaws are the most powerful, hence, they are also the heaviest and priciest. Once your gas operated chainsaw has enough petrol, you are able to use them anywhere. However, despite the portability and variety that it offers, it is rather hard to operate and requires regular maintenance. It also emits exhaust fumes and creates louder noise.

The electric chainsaw may not be as powerful as the gasoline operated chainsaw, but they are the most ideal for simple household use. The electric chainsaw is also divided into two kinds, the corded electric chainsaws and the battery operated chainsaw. The electric chainsaw with a cord limits the range of working area, but the battery operated chainsaw is tiniest and least powerful chainsaw among the three. Most battery operated chainsaw use the lithium-ion batteries since they can take on bigger projects.

If you intend to use your chainsaw for limbing, trimming, and pruning, you can use a smaller electric chainsaw which roughly measures at 30-35 cc. A slightly bigger electric chainsaw, the displacement volume should be around  35-42cc, may be needed for small tree and moderate tree felling while a much powerful electric chainsaw will be required for cutting light to medium firewood with a measurement of around 42-50 cc.


A chainsaw’s guide bar length can serve as your guide on which size of wood you can cut using your chainsaw. When measuring a chainsaw’s bar length, you begin the measurement from where the bar starts to come out and up until the tip of the bar. The guide bar is an important component of any chainsaw as without this bar, the chain will continually be spinning and it will not be kept in its place. If you want to determine the length of wood that your chainsaw can cut, you can multiply your guide bar’s length by two and that is your cutting area. However, we strongly advise your guide bar length to be 2 inches longer than the wood that you wish to cut. This can guarantee more safety in terms of cutting since you also need to consider the capacity and the power of your engine.

For those who plan to purchase a chainsaw for your house, you can opt for a chainsaw with a smaller guide bar, with a maximum length of 20 inches which is ideal for medium-duty cutting, since any length beyond that should be left to professionals as a long guide bar length is heavier and trickier to handle. This will heighten your risk of being injured since this can cause the chainsaw to lose its balance and there is a higher chance of a kickback when you are operating on a larger guide bar length.


The minute you start using your chainsaw, it becomes essential that you can be able to handle and control the equipment well. Most buyers of the chainsaw will consider the dry weight of the equipment when they purchase it; however, they might not consider the fact that when you hold on to the chainsaw for a long time, it becomes heavier and severely burdensome. If you are handling any equipment that is as risky as a chainsaw, you might want to choose a unit that you are comfortable with. It is important to be certain that the chainsaw that you purchase is not too heavy for you and that it is comfortable to hold onto even for a long period of time. Of course, these chainsaws also have safety functions, but it is better if you begin to secure yourself by not overestimating your capacity to operate the equipment.


When it comes to your cost, you have to be sure that the chainsaw that you will purchase is a good value for your money. You would want a durable unit and one that has all the features that you may find necessary. Warranty is something that you should not skimp on since you are dealing with dangerous equipment and it is essential that the chainsaw you have will be functioning at its best possible condition. If there is anything that you should never comprise, it is your safety.

The cost of the chainsaw does not revolve on the price of the equipment alone. You will also probably incur costs of the maintenance, storage, oil, replacement parts, and miscellaneous expenses of the chainsaw. The chainsaw that you buy can be the cheapest in the market, but it might not necessarily be the most economical choice. You should consider the durability and capacity of your equipment because if the equipment last for a long time, it will start paying for itself. Between the three kinds of chainsaws that we have discussed, the gas chainsaws is not only the priciest chainsaw on the market, but they also incur the highest operating cost since you will need petrol before you can start operating this type of equipment. You will also need to discard the oil in the chainsaw before you can properly store the equipment and they require frequent maintenance of the engine’s air filter.


If you are seeking to buy a chainsaw for your home, you might want to avoid an impulse purchase. There are several factors that you have to ponder on since there are several brilliant chainsaws for sale right now. However, despite the wide variety of excellent chainsaw, not all of these chainsaws will be the right fit for you and your home. It is wiser to consider your needs and whether the equipment you choose can cater to that need. It would be preferable if you try out the chainsaws that have already proven that they have quality products. The chainsaw that you choose should work as efficiently and effectively as you are.