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best-chainsaw-brandSeveral homeowners have already found the need for them to have their own chainsaw as part of their basic household tools. The increase in the demand for chainsaws has also entailed the fact that several chainsaw brands have created a wide variety of equipment that is ideal for outdoor yard tasks. You might find that your quest to find your perfect first chainsaw is a bit puzzling and challenging, however, we will provide you with a list of the leading chainsaw companies in the market today and we will also include a rundown of how these brands fare in terms of the general quality, efficiency, price range, and capacity of their products.

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WORX began producing quality chainsaw more than 10 years ago and they have remained to be one of the leading chainsaw manufacturers in the business today, since they have continually produced cheap yet durable and reliable chainsaws. Since WORX is part of a Chinese owned brand, several of their products are made in China.

However, they have ensured quality in each of the chainsaw models that they have engineered. As a proof of that, almost all of their chainsaw have received a high rating from its users. Moreover, they design their equipments to allow new users to be more confident in their capacity to operate their units.

Most of the WORX electric chainsaws on the market today have been designed to include an automatic tensioning system to avoid having chains that are either too tight or too loose. They also included metal bucking spices with each unit so that the user can safely maneuver the chainsaw to their liking, since the metal bucking spikes will securely grip through the wood and this will allow for a comfortable balance while working.

Overall, the chainsaws created by the WORX Company are ideal as part of your household tools because of its quality, usability, and affordability.


Remington Power Tools is acknowledged for producing a wide variety of chainsaw models that are designed to cater to the requirements of experienced chainsaw users, and even the needs of the average homeowner, since the year 1921. Additionally, they have created a line of reliable and durable chainsaws that are altogether inexpensive, effortless to operate, simple to balance, and is also hassle-free to maintain for an average household.

Remington has also been known to include features that are usually reserved for the more expensive chainsaw models; the only difference between them is that the Remington brand is committed to selling their units at an affordable price range to make owning a chainsaw more accessible to everyone.

Since Remington has created an extensive line of chainsaw models, you can be assured that there is a Remington chainsaw unit that will accommodate all of your wood cutting needs.

Moreover, one of the more popular, cheaper, and highest rating gas chainsaw in the market today is from the Remington brand called the Remington RM5118R Rodeo and this speaks volume about the quality of Remington’s products. Apart from the Remington Rodeo unit, most of this brand’s other models have received generally positive reviews from those who have used them.


When we talk about battery powered electric chainsaws and corded electric chainsaw, the Black & Decker brand has already created a name for themselves as one of the most innovative companies. This is not a surprising fact since they have continuously created chainsaws that are not only affordable, but they have also designed a variety of models that are meant to serve several different purposes. In addition to this, several of the chainsaw models of the Black & Decker brand will be perfect for any of your small projects around the yard.

Most of their units have automated features specifically for the oiling system and for your chain tensioning needs, and this allows the user to operate and handle their chainsaws without putting in so much of their time and effort.

This also allows for continuous use of their equipment since the user does not need to waste time on adjusting their equipment’s chains or lubricating the unit’s chains. All you need to do is decide on what your particular needs and specifications are and you can begin to leaf through and take your pick among their extensive chainsaw line. In addition to this, Black & Decker also has one of the most virtually appealing website among its competitors and this might not be related to the functions of the chainsaw itself, but it is not a bad thing either.


Similar to WORX, GreenWorks Company has also been in the global chainsaw production for over ten years and additionally, they are both owned by privately-held companies located in China. Nevertheless, this Chinese company has had a superior reputation when it comes to chainsaws due to the extreme level of satisfaction from several homeowners who have tried using their products.

Moreover, they also aim to sell their products at a rather competitive price and as a result, it provides more demand from those who do not wish to spend an exorbitant amount of money on electric operated chainsaws.

Lately, they have also focused on the creation of high powered cordless electric chainsaws such as the GreenWorks 40V and 80V model. GreenWorks is not exactly the most affordable brand in the market, but they do have one of the best product warranties in the business today.

If a company is generous enough when it comes to the warranty of their products, it only means that the company has placed extreme confidence in the quality of their equipment. Despite being on the more expensive price range, the products of GreenWorks are truly a great value for your money and is worth a try especially if you are looking for battery operated chainsaws.


If there is one image that the Oregon brand has always been known for, it is the quality production of chainsaw accessories such as guide bars, chain oil, and sprockets to name a few. However, they are also known for producing high quality and affordable, but a rather limited line, electric powered chainsaws.

Oregon has been famous for the variety of quality accessories that they have created and this is an incontestable fact, since other chainsaw brands have also relied on the Oregon accessories for their own chainsaw models. In addition to this, they have also been able to engineer innovative equipments that advance and amplify the standard of their brand.

The most promising patented innovation that the Oregon brand has formulated is called the PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpening System, which comes with the Oregon CS1500 model, and it enables the user to just pull a red lever in order to automatically sharpen their chainsaws within just 3 seconds without the need for any additional tools.

Throughout the years, Oregon has committed themselves to creating innovations that will simplify both the operation and maintenance of their equipment, while ensuring the safety and security of the user. Among the more affordable household chainsaw brand, Oregon has been listed as having the best quality.

Snow Joe + Sun Joe

The Snow Joe + Sun Joe brand is a moderately small player in the current chainsaw production industry. However, they have been committed to producing consistently high quality products that are both innovative and also available at an affordable price.

Sun Joe is the branch of the company that handles production and creation of chainsaws, while Snow Joe focuses on building equipments that are meant to be used during the winter time. This company has ensured that the equipments that they have produced can be easily used for ordinary outdoor tasks, without compromising the craftsmanship of their designs.

Most of their products have been designed to provide optimum comfort for the product user, since several of their household chainsaws are relatively lightweight and has built in ergonomic handles. If you are looking for quality pole saws, you might prefer to begin your search with this company since they appear to specialize in this kind of unit. When it comes to the safety features enveloped with their chainsaws, apart from the guarantee that they utilize the high-rating OREGON chains, they have included safety switches, hand guards, and automated lubrication system with their products.

What’s The Best Brand?

If you still find yourself confused with the chainsaw models that are available for your household needs, we will also include an in-depth review of several chainsaw units from various chainsaw brands. Since every chainsaw available in the market today is flawed, you might find it difficult to simply just take your pick.

While it is true that there might not be one entirely perfect chainsaw out there that is ideal for everyone, there is a unit that will be the right fit for you and your household needs. You might want to check out for an intensive listing and accompanying description of several chainsaw units, along with the reviews, comments, and the ratings of several users who have already purchased the product that you intend to buy.

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