BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp Corded Chainsaw: Product Review


The electric powered chainsaw is a great innovation when it comes to the world of household tools. After all, they make owning a chainsaw more convenient, especially when you compare it with petrol operated chainsaws. Everyone would agree that the electric chainsaw is easier to work with, particularly for those who are still learning the ropes of its operation. There are also several safety features that are usually attached with newer electric chainsaw models and they are not only economical to own, but they are also usually ergonomically designed for the user’s maximum comfort. Moreover, they produce less noise and vibrations if you compare it with a chainsaw that is powered by gasoline.

However, there is a negative side to the seemingly perfect electric operated chainsaw. In terms of power and capacity, it always lags far behind than the gas operated chainsaw, which can easily cut through thicker materials both quickly and smoothly.

The electric operated chainsaw might always be behind to the gas operated chainsaw in this fight, however, there are those manufacturers who try to inch their way closer to the ball game. In comes the BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp Corded Chainsaw, which might not be as powerful as any gas operated chainsaw in the market, but this unit can cut better through thicker materials if you compare it to chainsaws of its kind.

BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp Corded Chainsaw: With sufficient power that can cut through even the tougher branches

When it comes to battery powered electric chainsaws and corded electric chainsaw, the Black+Decker brand has already been an established company. This is not a surprising fact since they have continuously created chainsaws that are not only affordable, but they have also designed a variety of models that are meant to serve different purposes. All you need to do is take your pick among their electric powered chainsaw line.

Technical Specifications

blackdecker-cs1518-15-ampThe BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp Corded Chainsaw, an electric corded chainsaw with an 18 inch Oregon bar and chain with reduced kickback which is powered by a 15 amp motor, is best for cutting your trees and its tree branches, this unit can also work well for landscaping your yard.

Contrary to the usual electric chainsaw, this unit can cut through bigger branches, too. This machine is on the heavier side since it has a dry weight of 12 pounds while it measures 13 x 10 x 20 inches. Additionally, this model costs less than a hundred dollars and it also comes with Black+Decker’s limited two year warranty.


The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp Corded Chainsaw comes with an automatic oiling system and a self lubricating system that comes with an easy to view window that enables easy monitoring of oil level. Moreover, this lightweight chainsaw is designed with an automatic chain tensioning system that guarantees ease in tightening and replacing chains when needed without the need for any tools.

When it comes to the safety features of this unit, it comes with an automatic chain brake system that is set in motion under kickback conditions to ensure that the operator can avoid being smacked by the running chain. You will also need to press the trigger button along with the dead man’s switch in order for the chainsaw to begin working. This ensures that the equipment would not suddenly begin an unexpected launch.


The instruction manual is not user friendly since the instructions that come with it are difficult to understand for an average chainsaw user. There are reported cases that the chains would jump off the bar, but this could be attributed to human error or a defective unit, since it appears to be an isolated case. Since this is an electric corded chainsaw, you will need a longer and tightly secured extension cord if you plan to work further away from an electrical outlet.

Moreover, extension cords can become a hindrance to your work since they can easily get in your way, not only because they limit your working area. Along with this, the BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp Corded Chainsaw is still less powerful compared to any gas operated chainsaw, so you may still have to stay away from heavy duty cutting tasks.


  • ​Engineered with both an automated oiling and lubricating system where you can easily monitor oil levels through the transparent window
  • ​Avoids sudden launch because you need to squeeze the trigger switch and the dead man’s together before the chainsaw would commence full blown work
  • check-circle
    ​Powered with as much as 15 Amp so it is quite a powerful model for an electric operated chainsaw
  • ​The automated chain brake system allows for quicker adjustments and tensioning of chains, plus it also provides maximum safety for the operator of the chainsaw


  • ​The manual for this unit is terribly written and the instructions are hard to comprehend
  • ​There are complaints that the chains would easily go off the bar, however, this could be due to user error or a faulty unit
  • times-circle
    ​Not meant for heavier duty cutting
  • ​You will need an extension cord to begin working with the unit

lackdecker-cs1518Now, should you purchase the BLACK+DECKER CS1518? It might be worth a shot, since this product effectively, conveniently, and safely works as an electric chainsaw. It is an added bonus that, even if it is not meant for heavier cutting, it is powerful enough to help you cut through larger pieces of wood. Nevertheless, if you want a chainsaw that will do more for your home than the functions of a basic electric corded chainsaw, but is not as expensive and can be used immediately, the BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15 Amp Corded Chainsaw is a healthy compromise and is definitely worth the price you pay.

If you need more information regarding this unit, you can check their company website.

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