How To Clean Your Chainsaw Like A Pro

Every time you use your chainsaw, it always gets covered with thick gobs of oil, its chain gets dirty with a mixture of dirt and sawdust and even sap or resin from the wood of a log or tree. Learning how to properly clean your chainsaw could easily be a matter of life... read more

4 Types of Chainsaws on the Market

If you’re considering buying a chainsaw, the process can be a bit overwhelming at first. All kinds of chainsaws do different things and have different capabilities. How do you know where to begin looking before buying one? There’s a lot more to chainsaws than just a... read more

Parts of a Chainsaw: Glossary

Chainsaws are a very useful tool that many people own, but few people know the parts that make up their chainsaws. Most of us would assume that knowing the parts that make up a machine is just unnecessary knowledge. Some people may not have time to study a complex... read more

How to Tighten an Electric Chainsaw Chain

Life is full of guarantees, and one of those guarantees is that your chainsaw chain will need to be tightened. The more you use your chainsaw, the more the chain will become stretched. The chain will loosen up on the guide bar as a result, and you’re left with a... read more

Different Types of Chainsaw Chains

While there are all types of chainsaws out there, did you know there are also all sorts of chainsaw chains as well? If not, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to tell you about different types of chainsaw chains. Now, you may be wondering why do you need... read more

Tips to Avoid Chainsaw Kickback

A study done by the CPSC concluded that over twenty thousand injuries each year come from chainsaw-related accidents. Unfortunately, some of these injuries wind up being fatal to the operator or those around the chainsaw when the accident occurs. Chainsaws are a very... read more

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