Should You Buy An Electric Chainsaw?

should-you-buy-an-electric-chainsawChainsaws are powerful tools, and you’ll be able to finish your cutting tasks more quickly and efficiently if you own a good one. But when you think of chainsaws, you probably automatically think of the traditional image of a chainsaw; loud, motorized cutting tool that requires gasoline and oil in order to operate.

Generally, most chainsaws are literally loud, dangerous to use and are not necessarily the ideal solution for all cutting needs. However, electric chainsaws are quite different. So let’s find out.

What Is An Electric Chainsaw?

For those who doesn’t know, a chainsaw uses some very powerful and sharp teeth which rotates at high speed, cutting through all types of woods or just about anything. Normally, these chainsaws were powered by gasoline, but with the help of technological advancement, electric chainsaws are getting more popular to the users nowadays.

An electric chainsaw is simply your typical chainsaw that gets its power from an electric source, which means, unlike your regular chainsaw, an electric chainsaw doesn’t require fuel to operate.

Types OF Electric Chainsaws

pexels-photo-218445Buying an electric chainsaw can be sometimes a confusing task particularly to those people who have had no previous experience and knowledge with electric chainsaws. There are two types of electric chainsaws available in the market which are manufactured by various companies.

Below are the two types of electric chainsaws that you will come across when looking for it.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

cordAs the name suggests, corded electric chainsaws are mains-powered and come with a power cable attached. The advantage of having a corded chainsaw is that it can be use consistently as long as they are attached to a power source.

There are two primary types of corded electric chainsaws. The most popular is the standard corded electric chainsaw and the alternative is a pole electric chainsaw. Pole electric saw is a small saw attached to an extension pole and basically used to maximize the reach for trimming and cutting or eliminating small tree limbs.

Standard corded electric chainsaw on the other hand, can be a useful tool if you’ve got a lot of wood to cut, such as slicing branches and small trees close to the ground. If you want a saw to use around the house you need to consider a good electric chainsaw first. Since a corded electric chainsaws are powered by a quiet electric motor, you can easily work throughout the day. Just plug the saw into an outlet. However, if you intend to use it in remote areas, you’ll need to use a portable generator.

Cordless Electric Chainsaws

chainsawIf you want a much handy electric saw, cut the cord and get a cordless electric chainsaw instead. Also referred to as battery powered chainsaws, cordless electric chainsaws use rechargeable batteries instead of direct electricity or fuel. This makes them very portable and convenient for use on tasks that are away from a power source. These electric chainsaws are perfect for small jobs such as cutting branches and trimming limbs.

Cordless chainsaws are powered by rechargeable batteries that can provide a decent amount of cutting time. And by being battery-powered, cordless electric chainsaws are least powerful compared to corded chainsaws, so if you need to cut bigger trees, you should carefully look for a more powerful model. Cordless electric chainsaws nowadays are powered by Lithium-ion batteries- the newest battery technology which provide a more consistent power source so they won’t lose power as the battery loses its charge.

Keep in mind that the battery should be charged in advance before to use the chainsaw and in order to keep the chainsaw running. Also, cordless electric chainsaws are less powerful than corded chainsaws and you’ll need a very good model for heavier cutting and sawing of small trees, thick branches and limbs. Lastly, battery powered chainsaws have the most expensive models in the chainsaw industry.

What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Chainsaw?

things-to-considerWhat should you know about between traditional gas powered saws and electric chainsaws? Wondering whether to buy an electric chainsaw instead the traditional gas powered one? Both gas powered and electric chainsaws almost weigh the same, look nearly identical, and they have the same rolling chain that can cut almost everything, but there some notable differences between the two.

Below are some factors that will help you decide which saw will be the right one for your needs.

Fuel or gas powered chainsaws cut faster compared to electric chainsaws and can be used anywhere outside regardless of weather conditions, all you need is to feed it with gasoline and oil. However electric chainsaws have one major drawback, they are noisier than electric chainsaws, and its two-cycle engine requires far more maintenance and tinkering than an electric chainsaw. For instance, if haven’t used you gas powered chainsaw for long periods of time, you should drain and clean its fuel tank to prevent deposits from building up inside the chainsaw’s carburetor.

plug-round-electricity-powerElectric chainsaws on the other hand, are quieter, more compact, cleaner, easier and much economical to use and maintain than gas powered chainsaws. Compared to gas powered chainsaws, electric chainsaws can be used safely indoors, such as for cutting smaller pieces of woods or carving in a workshop. The only maintenance issue is the need to keep the chain oil reservoir topped up. The electric chainsaw does not need the add-on oil for it to run, however, it still need an electric chain saw oil to keep the chain lubricated. This is important as the user needs to monitor the oil reservoir on the electric chainsaw every few minutes to ensure it never runs dry.

These electric chainsaws also do have drawbacks. For instance, electric chainsaws cannot be used outdoors in wet weather, and most must be used within a certain distance from the outlet, since using a generator to power the saw in a remote location seems like a little bit of overkill and expensive.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are adapted to suit specific working conditions and users. Here are some benefits to an electric chainsaw vs a fuel chain saw:

startup-photos[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#F08A01″]

  • Because electric chainsaws operate on electricity, there is no need for gas or fuel to turn it on. Meaning, there’s no engine maintenance to worry about. Electric chainsaws are always ready to go and there is little maintenance to do with the exception of keeping the chain properly tensioned, sharp and lubricated.
  • Electric chainsaws are safe to use, much cleaner and do not harm the environment. There’s no mixing oil and gas, no refueling and the only type of oil that you’ll need to use for the electric chainsaw is a bar and chain oil. This type of oil is designed to provide lubrication to the chainsaw bar and chain. Also, no fumes can be inhaled since they burn no fuel so these saws are good to use indoors.
  • Electric chainsaws are also lighter and quieter than their gas powered counterpart. These saws are relatively light in weight which is enough to reach and cut branches on tall trees, easy to maneuver and handle. Electric chainsaws don’t use gas tank, meaning they aren’t as heavy as other chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are relatively quite so that you can use it without disturbing the neighbors, these chainsaws make almost no noise in comparison to a conventional gas powered saw.
  • Electric chainsaws are inexpensive to buy and easy to operate. These saws are extremely affordable so anybody can own one. They also provide enough power to handle light-to medium duty cutting projects around which is ideal for tasks such as trimming shrubs and small to medium sized trees around the home. Just plug the unit into the wall using a long extension cord and you are ready to go.


What Are The Disadvantage/s of Having An Electric Chainsaws

The ONLY Disadvantage of having an electric chainsaw is that electric chainsaws require an electrical outlet nearby, so are not designed for use in the woods. You’ll probably need to use an extension cord, and the longest cord you should use is 100 feet. Keep in mind that using longer than 100-feet will suffer the power supply of the chainsaw.

Final Words

pexels-photoAn electrical chainsaw is truly an essential tool for cutting purposes. Although you can hire someone to trim trees, chop for firewood and totally remove unwanted trees, but if you have your own chainsaw you can save yourself a good amount of money. The most notable benefit of electric chainsaws is, it’s more user friendly and easier to operate because all you have to do is plug the saw into a power source, just turn it on and you’re ready to go.

Finally, keep in mind that having an electric chainsaw is just a first step. It is also important to learn how clean and maintain it, and how to safely and effectively use it, you must also remember that no electric chainsaw works with a dull chain, so you’ll have to learn the right way to sharpen and replace your electric chainsaw chain as well as setting your depth gauges.

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