Greenworks 20222 Review

Aug 24, 2018 | Reviews

The GreenWorks company is practically a new player in the USA’s chainsaw market. Nevertheless, this company has provided extreme satisfaction to several American homeowners, especially when it comes to their household tools. They also try to sell their products at a cheaper price to make it more appealing to those who do not want to spend a lot of money on home tools.

GreenWorks 20222 Chainsaw

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The GreenWorks 20222 is best for small projects around your yard such as clearing debris, as well as trimming and pruning small trees. It has a 14-inch bar and chain with a reduced kickback and is powered by a 9 amp electric motor. For a very reasonable price, you will have a chainsaw that weighs only 8 pounds and measures 7 x 9 x 29 inches.


This GreenWorks 20222 is created with a wrap-around handle that allows the user to be comfortable while operating the equipment. Another added feature that comes with it is a chain tensioning that utilizes virtually no tool at all and still guarantees that adjusting your chains will be a breeze. Moreover, an auto-oiler function is also added to the mix and it provides adequate lubrication to the unit for a hassle-free cutting performance.

This model of chainsaw has also received a high rating from online buyers, so you can be certain that using the GreenWorks has been satisfying for those who have actually bought this unit. The GreenWorks manual is one of the best among an array of usually poorly written instructions. They contain very specific and detailed instructions and diagrams on how to assemble, troubleshoot, and maintain your unit.


One major issue that comes with the GreenWorks 20222 is its problem with the amount of oil that it releases because the machine dispenses the oil quite copiously. The user might be required to check the oil level frequently. In addition to the oil dispensing problem, the cap of the bar oil reservoir needs to be lifted up before you can confirm the oil level as it will be trickier to check on it without completely lifting it up. You may encounter problems with a loose chain while working, but it can be reinstalled effortlessly.

Pros and cons

  • Designed with a built-in wrap-around handle for optimum comfort while using the material
  • Comes with an automatic tool-less chain tensioning system that adjusts your chain to the precise tightness
  • Comes with an informative instruction manual that is useful even for those who lack basic chainsaw knowledge
  • ​With an automatic oiler function that provides adequate lubrication to the equipment for a hassle-free cutting performance
  • The chain oil level is in an oil reservoir that can be quite difficult to check into
  • There might also be instances of having a loose chain, but it can be easily reinstalled and can be considered as an immaterial issue

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