How To Replace Electric Chainsaw Chain

Aug 20, 2018 | Blog

Using an electric chainsaw offers a number of advantages (they are quieter, more efficient, easy to manage, and there’s no need to use volatile fuels) over using a gas-powered chainsaw or typical handsaw to cut wood provided you have an electrical outlet handy.

Similar to their gas-powered counterparts, electric chainsaw cutting chains do need to be sharpened regularly, ideally after every one or three hours of use. And in few years’ time, electric chainsaw cutting chains will become dull and need to be replaced.

What if you’ve got a problem with the chainsaw chain and it needs to be replaced?

Chainsaw chains stretch when in use and begin to sag on a saw’s guide bar. When cutting wood for any length of time, the chainsaw chain will become too loose, and when it happened, the chain can easily come off the bar during operation and create a very risky situation for the user.

Do you really need to replace your chainsaw chains?

woodsYour chainsaw is only as good as your chain, guide bar and its other components. A properly maintained chain will provide excellent cutting chains keeping the electric chain saw operating properly while reducing the working stress on the saw’s electric motor.

In due time, the chains will surely become dull, and when the chain gets dull it can be a risk. For instance, the saw can Kickback and strike the user. Kickback is considered to be the number one cause of chainsaw accidents; contact with the rolling chain can cause serious injury or worse, even death. That’s why the chain needs to be replaced.

What are the things should be considered when replacing the chainsaw chains?

metric-cmWhen it’s time to replace the cutting chain, it is necessary to have all the correct information regarding the chainsaw as well as its chain dimension.

So when purchasing a chain for your chainsaw, it is essential to make sure it will fit your chainsaw. Matching the right chain to a chainsaw is relatively easy if you have the right measurements. The easiest way to make sure it will fit is to look on the bar itself, which may have the exact information on it. Another way is to check the chainsaw’s user manual, or by contacting the chainsaw manufacturer.

There are three important dimensions that every chainsaw user must know when getting the correct chainsaw chain to match the right size chainsaw chain for their chainsaw; they include gauge, pitch, and length.

  • Gauge refers to how thick the drive links are and is determined by the bar gauge. The drive links are parts of chainsaw chains that fit into the saw’s guide bar. Gauge measures the thickness of the drive links located at the bottom part of the chainsaw chain. The gauge measurement of a saw chain tells the strength of a chain’s drive links. Thicker drive links are stronger, but heavier. Since the total weight affects the chainsaw’s performance, weight should be kept to a minimum to maximize cutting speed.
  • Pitch on the other hand, is the distance between its drive links. Usually, a larger pitch indicates a heavier and bigger chain. It is the most complicated measurement since the chainsaw pitch is defined simply as the distance between three rivets (bearings) divided by two. To get the right chainsaw chain, the number of drive links on the chain must be counted if the count is not already known. However, if the pitch measurement can’t be found on the tool or in the chainsaw user manual, it is not recommended that users measure pitch themselves. Instead, they must bring it to the shop and let expert to find the suitable chain replacement for the unit.
  • Lastly, Length simply refers to the number of drive links and length of the full chain loop. Saw chains have to be of an appropriate length in order to function safely.

How do you replace your electric chainsaw chain?

toolsWhen the time to change the electric chainsaw chain has come, one major concern that has been affecting many chainsaw owners is how to replace their electric chainsaw chain. The whole task might seem a bit overwhelming, but the truth is that, replacing electric chainsaw chains can be really relatively easy to accomplished, especially with the help of some few handy tools.

To replace your chainsaw chain, all you need is a little patience and just a couple of tools, a wrench and a screwdriver.

Step 1: Locate the bar to the saw. Using a wrench, unscrew the nuts on the chainsaw side plate and remove the plate to access the chain.

Step 2: Release the chain tension. To release the chain tension, simply push the nose of the chainsaw’s bar towards the chainsaw. The chain will easily remove from the guide bar afterwards.

Step 3: Locate the tightening screw on the inside side of the guide bar and loosen it, by loosening this you will make it easier to fit the new chain.

Step 4: Carefully remove the chain from the guide bar. Remove the chain from the sprocket and remove it from the housing as well as from around the chain arm.

Step 5: Carefully thread your new or recently bought chainsaw chain around the chainsaw’s clutch drum, making sure that the drive links engage in the sprocket.

lubricantAfter the chain is properly threaded, add some tension into it by pulling the nose of the guide bar away from the chainsaw. To tighten the chain, tighten the adjusting screw by using a clockwise motion.

Finally, you may now reinstall the side case of the chainsaw. Make sure that everything is properly lubricated, keep in mind that it’s important to use the right chain oil, which will keep your chainsaw working correctly and efficiently.

Your chainsaw can now operate with its new chain.

Final Thoughts

Due to advancement in technology, we now have the electric chainsaws that are quickly replacing the traditional gas operated chainsaws. And when replacing your used chainsaw chain, you should take into account the right chainsaw chain measurement since matching the right chain to a chainsaw is complicated than finding other chainsaw components due to the unique way that chainsaw chains works. All you need is the right measurement, your new chain and you’re ready to go.

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