OREGON CS1500 Review

Aug 24, 2018 | Reviews

The first rule of running a chainsaw: Never, ever work with a dull chain!

One of the most difficult parts in owning a chainsaw is the upkeep that the equipment needs. Sharpening your unit is a seemingly tedious task that several people would rather leave up to professionals instead of doing it on their own. Nevertheless, this practice may be quite expensive, especially if you need to sharpen several chains. Eventually, you will be torn between spending your money on a professional or putting in more effort to do the sharpening on your own.

You may think that there is no compromise for this dilemma, but,  Oregon has created a technology that enables the chainsaw to be sharpened without wasting either your time or your money. The PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpening System is a patented innovation from the Oregon brand that ensures a tool-less chainsaw sharpening process.

Oregon CS1500 Electric Chain saw

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The Oregon brand has always been known for their production of excellent chainsaw accessories and high-quality chainsaws. They have also been able to design innovative equipment that improves and heighten the standard of their brand.

The OREGON CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw, an electric operated chainsaw with an 18-inch bar and chain with reduced-kickback, has a peak power of 15 Amps. This unit has a dry weight of 12.6 pounds and measures 10.75 x 37.5 x 18 inches. This electric corded chainsaw is ideal for wood cutting tasks that require quick cutting as well as trimming and felling through small trees, moreover, it can also cut through trees that are 14 inches in diameter.

In addition to that, this model has been engineered for convenience and comfort of the user as it is lightweight, produces little vibrations, easy to maintain, and it also has an over-mold handle. One of the most promising advantages of this unit is that despite the number of additional functions of this machine, it is still reasonably priced. You might need to shell out more than a hundred dollars, but it comes with a year of professional warranty, along with a two-year consumer warranty. You will also realize that, despite this unit being on the slightly expensive side, you are saving up on the cost of professional chain sharpening because of the PowerSharp feature.


The most promising innovation included with the OREGON CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw is known as the PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpening System, which enables the user to just pull a red lever in order to automatically sharpen their chainsaws with no need for additional tools. This means that the user will be able to have a newly sharpened chainsaw each time without the need to exert extreme effort, especially when you are used to manually filing your chains.

With this innovative technology, the occurrence of a kickback is reduced. As part of the Oregon CS1500 safety feature, it is also equipped with an automatic electric chain brake that halts the chain immediately when the trigger has been released. It also produces very little noise when compared to other chainsaws and it is ergonomically designed to maximize the operator’s comfort while using the unit. Another advantage of this model is that it comes with an instant start button that allows the user to immediately begin working.


Certain users of the OREGON CS1500 have complaints about the chain falling off easily during operation. However, this could be caused by human error, since these reports appear to be an isolated issue.

As it is a corded electric chainsaw, your work area is limited to places situated near an extension cord that have access to an electrical outlet. The extension cord also needs to be securely locked to avoid being detached from the outlet while you work. Moreover, you also cannot work with your unit if a blackout occurs.

Pros and cons

  • This unit comes with a patented technology called PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpening System that allows for tool-free chainsaw sharpening within three seconds
  • It has an over-mold handle that causes the chainsaw to produce fewer vibrations and allows the user to run the equipment comfortably and conveniently
  • The Oregon CS1500 is engineered with an automated chain braking system that is designed for the added safety for the users
  • It is easy to maintain and eliminates the cost of professional chainsaw sharpening
  • There are a few users who have commented that the chain falls off easily
  • Since it is a corded electric chainsaw, the working space that you can work with is limited to the radius of the extension cord
  • You must avoid heavy duty cutting with any electric chainsaw, however, this unit can cut through thicker pieces of wood (with a diameter of 14 inches)

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