Remington RM1645 Review

Aug 24, 2018 | Reviews

Since this unit comes from the Remington Power Tools brand that has been producing chainsaws for almost a century, this unit is not only affordable but is also a convenient and efficient product to utilize. They have created a line of dependable and durable chainsaws that are easy to operate, simple to balance, and will be hassle-free to maintain for an average household.

Remington RM1645

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If you are purchasing a compact corded electric chainsaw that is both easy to operate and can also be utilized for different cutting angles, you may wish to check out Remington RM1645 Versa Saw 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw. As with every Remington chainsaw, the limited warranty of this model also lasts for two years. In addition, this saw has a 16-inch low kickback bar and chain which is also powered by a 12 amp electric motor making it ideal to limb and trim smaller trees, since it has a dry weight of 9.2 pounds and dimensions of 8.8 x 9.8 x 32.8 inches.


The Remington RM1645 comes with an automatic oiling system and an external adjustment screw for the tensioning of your chains along with the automated oiling system. The Remington RM 1645 also has a transparent oil window that allows you to monitor the oil level easily.

This unit is ideal for trimming trees, for pruning branches, and for other light cutting tasks as it can effortlessly and precisely cut through small wood as quickly as A-B-C. For a novice chainsaw user, the manual is extremely simple to understand and can assist you in your basic operating questions.


Since this unit is a corded electric chainsaw, it comes with the usual downsides that come with similar electric units. It is not perfect for operating on farms and forests since you must plug it into an extension cord that is connected to an electrical outlet.

There have been several reports that this unit easily breaks. The Remington RM 1645 Versa Saw might be a hit-or-miss product since there were more than a few incidents of faulty units.

However, it comes with a two year limited warranty, although it might be troublesome to continue returning a defective product. This saw also has an issue of severe oil leaks and may not be worth its value. The Remington is also not well suited for heavy-duty cutting, so it might be better for your safety and for your equipment if you stay away from this kind of tasks.

Pros and cons

  • ​It is designed with an automatic oiling system and a simple to view chain oil level window
  • ​It comes with an external adjustment screw for proper tensioning of the chains
  • Equipped with a wraparound hand guard that guarantees effortless running of the equipment on various cutting positions
  • Perfect for trimming, pruning, and light cutting tasks
  • There are several reported cases of receiving a defective saw.
  • Several have reported issues with oil leaks
  • Needs an electric outlet
  • Not meant for heavy duty cutting


In theory, the Remington RM1645 Versa Saw 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw might be an excellent idea. However, in practice, it might not be the best chainsaw for household usage since the quality is hit or miss. There might be a product on the market that is better suited for your needs at an even better deal with a more consistent standard of quality. So, you might prefer to surf around first before making your final purchase.

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