Reducing Risks Scholarship

Electric Chainsaw Expert is opening the applications for Reducing Risks Scholarship 2018! Every student is encouraged to join to get a chance in winning a prize of $1000.

Reducing Risks Scholarship 2018

As part of the continuing yearly scholarship program of Electric Chainsaw Expert, the Reducing Risks Scholarship 2018 is offered to all students who can write a compelling piece about this year’s theme. This scholarship is in line with one of our endeavors to inform the public about the necessary safety precautions in using chainsaws and other power tools.


  • Write a compelling essay of not less than 800 words about this year’s essay topic: “Reducing Risks at Work: Power Tool Safety Measures, Policies and Equipment.” A successful applicant should be able to clearly explain the different policies about use of power tools in the workplace, determine the right measures to reduce or eradicate the risks, and the different gears and equipment used as safety tools. To get an idea, you can see our articles on chainsaw sharpeners and chainsaw chaps.
  • Secure a copy of your school enrollment slip as a proof that you are an enrolled student at the time you send your application.
  • Write a short biography about yourself. Include basic personal information such as: Name, School, Age, Home Address, and Personal Contact Number and School Contact Number.

NOTE: Application for the scholarship is FREE.

Important Application Details

Applications must be sent to [email protected] from the date of posting until June 1, 2018. We will announce the winner on June 5, 2018.

Previous winners of Electric Chainsaw Expert’s scholarship program are disqualified from this year’s scholarship program. The scholarship prize will be sent through the school’s financial aid desk, so make sure to include your school’s contact info. We will keep this information, plus other personal details private. Permission to post your essay in our website is automatically granted once you submit an application.

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