4 Types of Chainsaws on the Market

Aug 20, 2018 | Blog

If you’re considering buying a chainsaw, the process can be a bit overwhelming at first. All kinds of chainsaws do different things and have different capabilities. How do you know where to begin looking before buying one?

There’s a lot more to chainsaws than just a chain and a metal bar. Each type of chainsaw comes with different bells and whistles than the previous one. That’s why we put together this guide to help you learn more about the different types of chainsaws out there. The more you know, the better decision you can make in your future purchases!

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

This is the most commonly-known chainsaw out there. When you hear a chainsaw or when you think of a chainsaw, you’re likely thinking or hearing a gas-powered chainsaw. It’s so popular for a good reason since the gas-powered chainsaw is extremely efficient in getting the job done.

These saws run, of course, on gasoline. They use up a mixture of gasoline and oil where the gas will power the chainsaw while the oil lubricates the internal portions of the saw to ensure it doesn’t wear down. However, gas-powered chainsaws are much heavier than other types of chainsaws out there.

While looking at gas-powered chainsaws, be aware that prices are much higher than other types as well. Sometimes, these prices can be much higher than an electric corded chainsaw or others. It will be worth the money, barring you buy the right one, but it is a hefty price tag for these chainsaws.

All in all, we consider the gas-powered chainsaw to be an excellent choice. If you’re willing to put the money into it, you can’t go wrong with this type of saw. It can handle nearly anything you throw at it with no trouble at all.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

Next up on our list are corded electric chainsaws, and they can certainly get the job done too. These chainsaws are self-explanatory as they do have a cord and require that they are plugged into an outlet or another source of electricity for them to run.

These chainsaws do not run on gas or any other fuel, and they are considered “immobile” by most people. This is because of that cord meaning you can’t carry these saws out into the woods unless you take a generator with you out there. Otherwise, you’ll simply have to use a different type of saw.

Some of the biggest disadvantages of the corded electric chainsaws would be it has less power than a gas-powered chainsaw and its immobility. That’s not to say this chainsaw isn’t powerful as it can still tackle small trees and other simple yard work. However, it can’t do what a gas-powered chainsaw can do.

This saw is excellent for beginners or those who only need chainsaws to take care of small chores around the house. Be sure to have an extension cord that will work with this saw, and don’t try to push it past its limit or capability.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

When it comes to light work and small chores, a battery powered chainsaw is another excellent choice for you to consider. As the name suggests, this type of chainsaw runs on a rechargeable battery. This type of saw has some good upsides compared to other types, but also some downsides as well.

Some upsides would be that this chainsaw eliminates the need for fuel while also giving you mobility, unlike the corded electric chainsaw. It also has a rechargeable battery meaning that you can use it often as you want as long as you have a battery fully charged.

However, power is an issue for this chainsaw. As stated earlier, it is designed mostly for small work such as trimming or taking down small trees and limbs. It is not built to take on larger tasks that a gas-powered chainsaw could handle. Also, the battery power is great at times, but it can also become a chore of its own. Once you’ve used up the battery, you’ll have to wait until it charges or have another battery on standby.

In short, this type of saw is excellent if you need some small tasks taken care of. We recommend you look into purchasing a second battery as well. This way, if one battery runs out in the middle of a task, you can pop the second battery in and keep on working!

Manual Chainsaws

Lastly, we’ll look at manual chainsaws. These are also called pocket chainsaws as they are portable and easy to store. Manual chainsaws are a great choice for those who don’t want the size of a machine, but still need efficiency.

A manual chainsaw is made up of a chain that is double-sided and handles on both ends. The operator moves the handles back and forth essentially like you would an old-fashioned saw. The double-sided chain is very helpful, and this type of chainsaw can get the job done. However, use this mostly for smaller jobs such as cutting limbs or a smaller tree.

This chainsaw won’t cost you too much as it’s not a big machine and it still will work for you. If you don’t mind the manual labor portion of it, this handy tool can be an excellent choice for you to consider buying.


There are all sorts of chainsaw out there to consider. We covered a few of them in this guide, and we hope you learned more about the different types of chainsaws. It’s always important to ask yourself what you need the chainsaw for before purchasing. If you only need to do a little housework, then buy a saw that does just that.

Whether it’s a gas-powered saw or a manual one, these chainsaws can do their job well and should all be considered. We’ve tried them all, and each one has its ups and downs. There is no perfect chainsaw out there. There’s only the one that suits you best. If you’ve enjoyed this guide, be sure to let us know!

John McDonald

Chainsaw Expert for Electricchainsawexpert.com

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