Where To Get Chainsaw Carving Patterns

Nowadays, chainsaw carved designs and accents have appeared in furniture design, as well as those attractive decorative sculptures at our home.

Chainsaw carving is difficult and dangerous, but very rewarding especially when you’ve done it right.

My protective gears, caving wood and the chainsaw are all ready, but where do I start?

gearHaving a wood carving pattern is the way to get started on your carving project.

Wood carving patterns are just as important as carving books, tools, and other carving materials. Almost all wood carvers use patterns. Wood carving patterns ease up every woodworking project. And if you are a beginner in chainsaw wood carving, it is essential to start off with something that can simplify your task.

You can make your patterns from anything you like. To make your own pattern, simply draw your pattern design on a clean paper. then, re-draw or transfer your pattern onto the wood with tracing paper or carbon paper. You may also use a pattern transfer tool that heats up.

How this will help my carving project?

Take for instance, when you want to a make a single-wood carved dining chair, you can simply use a pattern as your guide to help you work on the project.

If I can’t design my own pattern. What will I do now?

There are many pattern books on the market. But keep in mind, as an artist, you should always honor copyrights. Try your best to create your own pattern rather than copy someone’s idea. Woodcarving can sharpen your artistic capabilities, so practice will definitely help.

Where to get chainsaw carving patterns?

carvingThere are numerous kinds of patterns that you can get on websites, magazines, and other sources. Even some very good basic patterns come from a coloring book. There are lots of books patterns and carving magazines available in the market. The web is becoming an easy place of carving information. You only have to do is just use your favorite search engine and enter different woodcarving patters and see what comes up. Most wood carving books available nowadays have patterns and usually only cover one carving project. Likewise, there are books that contain only patterns.

Are these patterns totally free?

patternsFor the most part, yes, but there are still some artists that commercialize their patterns. Those patterns are usually meticulously designed very complicated to execute, so they feel the need to sell instead of giving them away for free.

Fortunately, there are countless of free patterns obtainable if you will. So do not worry, you only need is to look them up on the internet. And in the future, if you’ve gained more experience and become an expert, those paid patterns are the next to try.

The easiest way to obtain free patterns is by purchasing a carving tool. Many hardware and art supply stores offer these patterns as bundles.

I don’t want to spend money for my carving patterns. Are there any other options?

money-gold-coins-financeGo out and visit your local library. Most libraries are now part of a so called “regional system”, in the event that they only have a few wood carving books or magazine they can give you a master list of wood carving books that they can get from other associated Libraries. Scan and pick from the list and have them request the books for you. It is important to take some time to read each book. You can also get your notepad and list all the books you have looked at. A lot of the books maybe old, from the 1930’s through 80’s and long out of print so libraries will be the only place to find them. Make note of these books and authors, especially those you like the most, you might use it for future reference.

These books will also give you a lot of new information about chainsaw carving, some will discuss a lot about woods and chainsaws for carving, others will give you a very detailed step by step instructions, some will show different styles, and most of them will have various patterns.

Have a look at these two wood carving books by Jamie Doeren that can take you to a level of carving you wouldn’t believe.

Jamie Doeren is a multi-talented visual artist, he is well-known for his chainsaw art, a respected candidate in various international chainsaw carving competitions, winning three world championships and four national titles, and has been perfecting the chainsaw wood carving art, since he first began experimenting with a chainsaw back in 1989.

Chainsaw Carving a Bear Will tell you all the secrets to transform an ordinary piece of timber into an attractive work of art with its very detailed easy-to-follow instructions. This book also features a 3 step-by-step projects for carving both realistic and caricature bears using a chainsaw. Moreover, this books includes basic layout, chainsaw cuts, and patterns.

On the other hand, Chainsaw Carving an Eagle: A Complete Step-by-step Guide Showcases a step-by-step detailed guide for carving four various eagle designs from a tree trunk or log. The four featured projects include a standing eagle with a fish, an eagle head plaque, an eagle bench and a soaring eagle. Each carving project comes with a detailed pattern, detailed carving instruction and some carving techniques, coating options and final details. As a bonus, the book showcases an extensive images of finished chainsaw carved artworks which will surely give inspiration for novice chainsaw carvers.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that not every pattern or drawing you find will already be the exact size that you need for your carving project. So it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of enlarging carving patterns to perfectly fit your wood dimension.

Proper safety gears, your chainsaw, time, lots of patience, and the right wood carving patterns illustrated in an instruction book are what beginners need in order to learn how to carve a wood using chainsaw into something attractive and artistic.

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